Welcome To Our Farm

Plaid Piper Farm has 100 acres of natural pasture where animals roam free and eat natural, antibiotic and hormone free food.  We run a sustainable, environmentally sound family farm while using responsible farm management.  We produce pure, healthy, high quality grass fed, grass finished beef and pastured pork  without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics, all while attempting to restore the land so that grass farming methods can continue to be utilized.  Grass farming utilizes production methods that benefit the animals, the land and, of course, the people who eat the food produced on that land.

Plaid Piper Farm is located in Sussex County, New Jersey and has a history forhealthylives going back 204 years.  Paul Dalrymple’s great, great, great grandfather and mother bought the first parcel over 200 years ago and the farm has remained in his family ever since.  Paul has lived there since he was a child.  Paul, who is currently a stationary fireman (boiler operator), was inspired by Joel Salatins’ You Can Farm.  He has always wanted to be a farmer and, after reading You Can Farm, decided to go back to his roots.  He has been farming at Plaid Piper for eight years.  What started out as an experiment – an attempt to heal the land and produce good, healthy food – has now become his passion!

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