Product – Beef by the Half, Whole or Quarter 2014

Information on whole, half or quarters of beef

The cost is based on hanging weight of the animal.  The price includes the trimming and butchering of the carcass.  If you have ordered a half or whole beef, it will be cut  to your specifications (we will provide the cut sheet, more information and assistance before you need to make these decisions) .  Beef quarters are simply a mix of cuts of 1/4 of the animal the amount of meat you get depends on the size of the animal.  Therefore we cannot give you exact cost information beforehand.

Typically, the ‘hanging weight’ of the beef will be about 60% of it’s live weight.  You can expect to receive about 65-70% of the hanging weight in packaged meat.  The difference is due to trim loss, bones, etc.  The following chart provides an estimate of what you can expect from a typical 1100 pound ‘live weight’ animal.

Whole beef Half beef Mixed qtr
live weight 1100 550 275
hanging weight 640 320 160
packaged meat weight 416 208 104

If you choose to purchase a whole or half of beef, you will provide instructions to the processor for how you want your meat cut and packaged.  We will be happy to assist you with this task.  This process allows you to get your favorite cuts in the serving sizes you prefer.

If you choose to purchase a mixed quarter you will not be able to select specific cuts or packaging.  A mixed quarter is one quarter of the animal with cuts from the front and the back.

One concern we often hear is how much freezer space is required for the beef:

  • Mixed quarter:  approximately 4 cubic feet
  • Half:  approximately 8 cubic feet
  • Whole:  approximately 16 cubic feet.


Note:  Deposit required for the following at time of order (balance to be paid in full at pickup):

  • $875 for Whole Beef
  • $475 for Half Beef
  • $225 for Beef Quarters

Mail check to Plaid Piper Farm  197 Wykertown Road, Branchville, NJ  07826


Instructions: 1) Enter the number of pieces you want to order for each item in the quantity field below.  2) Fill out Beef Cut Sheet and e-mail it back to us (or you may mail it along with your deposit) 3) Mail your deposit to Plaid Piper Farm at 197 Wykertown Rd, Branchville, NJ  07826

Prices subject to change.

Product Options
1Whole Beef ($5.75/lb) $875 Deposit
2Half Beef ($5.90/lb) $475 Deposit
3Beef Quarter - Mixed ($6.20/lb) $225 Deposit
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