Product – Pork by the half or whole 2014

Pastured Pork

Information for ordering a whole or half pig





The amount of meat you receive depends, of course, on the size of the animal and thus cannot be specifically designated beforehand.

The information below is to give you a sense of the amount of meat you would receive.  The live weight is based on the average live weight of the pastured pig when it is ready to be processed.

Whole pig Half pig
Live weight (lbs) 250 125
hanging weight (lbs) 185 92.5
packaged meat weight (lbs) 140 70

  A whole pig would antibiotics online require approximately 4 cubic feet of freezer space.

Prices subject to change.


Instructions: 1) Enter your order for the number of pieces you want for each item in the quantity field below.  2) fill out the Pork Cut Sheet and e-mail it  to us (or you may mail it along with your deposit) 3) Mail your deposit to Plaid Piper Farm at 197 Wykertown Rd, Branchville, NJ  07826

Please note that Smoking & Curing costs extra and will be billed at time of pickup.

Product Options
1Whole Pig ($4.50/lb) $275 Deposit Required
2Half Pig ($5.00/lb) $165 Deposit Required
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