Pork Cut Sheet


Name_______________________email______________________________Hanging Weight_______

Phone # Home___________________________________ Mobile# ____________________________

Whole Hog _______________               Half Hog   ___________________

Hams and shoulders are either fresh or smoked not both.

SLICED (thickness)                                               WHOLE OR ROASTS (lbs)
Hams                          ___________________                         _________________________
Shoulders                  ___________________                         _________________________
Side Pork                   ___________________                         _________________________
Spareribs                   ___________________                         _________________________
Loin roast                  ___________________                         _________________________
Pork Chops               ___________________                         _________________________
Sausage                     ___________________                         _________________________

If purchasing a whole hog 2 choices of sausage. If purchasing a half hog 1 choice of sausage. The choices are                Breakfast, Mild Italian and Hot Italian. Breakfast comes loose. Italian is in a casing.

Regular Cure ______                                   NO NITRATE CURE  _______
Choice One
WHOLE                                                                      SLICED www.ourhealthissues.com/product/rifampicin/ (size of pkg )
Hams     _____________________                                         _________________________
Shoulders  ___________________                                          _________________________
Bacon         ___________________                                          ________________________            For more sausage we recommend grinding either a shoulder or ham.
If yo are ordering no nitrate hams these will be what’s called “Daisy hams” smaller than normal. I like a                  combo of daisy ham and sliced no nitrate. This is a ham off of each end (or more ) and the slices out out of the center.
StandardP spare ribs come on 1 lb. pkg.
All cuts will be standard unless specified Bacon in 1lb. pkg. Roasts 3-4 lbs. rec. for a family of 4.
Chops and steaks 3/4 ” unless specified. I like 1″ on these.
Enjoy or meat and thank you for your patronage.
All meat will br cry-o-vaced and flash frozen.

QUESTIONS?   Paul@plaidpiperfarm.com




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