Product – Pork by Pound (Cuts) 2014

Instructions: Enter the number of items you want to order in the quantity field below. We have provided the approximate weight of the item (for example roasts are typically 3-4 pounds each.) Some items are precise weights, such as ground pork and sausages, and are noted as such.

Prices subject to change.

Product Options
1Center Cut Ham Steak ($14.20/lb)
2NEW Canadian Bacon ($13.50/lb)
3Bacon-sliced ($12.75/lb)
4Country Ribs ($11.90/lb)
5Cured Smoked Ham ($11.90/lb)
6Breakfast Sausage ($11.60/lb)
7Sweet Sausage ($11.60/lb)
8Hot Sausage ($11.60/lb)
9Pork Chops ($10.75/lb)
10Loin Roast ($10.75/lb)
11Fresh Ham Roast ($9.60/lb)
12Ground Pork ($9.30/lb)
13Pork Shoulder ($9.30/lb)
14Spare Ribs ($8.10/lb)
15Smoked Hocks ($8.10/lb)
16Lard ($4.65/lb)
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