Product – Pork by Pound (Cuts) 2014

Instructions: Enter the number of items you want to order in the quantity field below. We have provided the approximate weight of the item (for example roasts are typically 3-4 pounds buy phentermine in new york each.) Some items are precise weights, such as ground pork and sausages, and are noted as such.

Prices subject to change.

Product Options
1Center Cut Ham Steak ($14.20/lb)
2NEW Canadian Bacon ($13.50/lb)
3Bacon-sliced ($12.75/lb)
4Country Ribs ($11.90/lb)
5Cured Smoked Ham ($11.90/lb)
6Breakfast Sausage ($11.60/lb)
7Sweet Sausage ($11.60/lb)
8Hot Sausage ($11.60/lb)
9Pork Chops ($10.75/lb)
10Loin Roast ($10.75/lb)
11Fresh Ham Roast ($9.60/lb)
12Ground Pork ($9.30/lb)
13Pork Shoulder ($9.30/lb)
14Spare Ribs ($8.10/lb)
15Smoked Hocks ($8.10/lb)
16Lard ($4.65/lb)
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