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Order early as we often sell out of product.  Sorry, we do not ship.

Place your order here.  On the day of pickup, at our farm, the actual price will be determined that is why the price is set to $0.00 for all items during the order process.  The actual price will depend on the availability and the weight/size of the product we have at the time of pickup.

Note:  You will receive an email with the date and time of your pickup at least one week before your assigned pickup.  Please do try to arrive on the time on the day of pick up.  We try to accommodate you but please understand that we are very busy.  If an emergency does come up, please email us as soon as possible and we will make other arrangements.

Dates that product will be available:

  • Beef: July – November
  • Pork: September – October
  • Eggs: Daily

Select the product you want to order:

  1. Beef by the cut
  2. Beef by whole, half or quarter
  3. Pork by the pound/cut
  4. Pork by whole or half
  5. Lamb by the pound/cut
  6. Lamb by whole or half

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